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The Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V. at Salon Lenné

The DTG has been part of the con community for over 20 years now and we share with you a common enthusiasm and passion for Tolkien and his works!

The Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V. (DTG) deals with the work and life of the British author and scientist J.R.R. Tolkien and since its foundation in 1997/98 it has become an important contact for Tolkien fans in Germany.

We are an honorary, literary association for all Tolkien fans in Germany (and beyond). What brings us together is the need and the feeling to belong to the community of Tolkien fans that has been growing over the last decades. Because this togetherness and passion is what we want to live, strengthen and share with all Tolkien fans – DTG members and non-members – in one of the biggest literary associations in Germany. Here Tolkien enthusiasts can meet with like-minded people at regulars’ tables and events and exchange ideas about Tolkien’s fascinating languages, fantasy role-playing games, philosophical treatises or garb and cosplay.

Through the common fascination with Tolkien and his work, the DTG also forges international friendships, cultivates the interaction of various scientific disciplines, and contributes to the mutual understanding of people from different cultural backgrounds.

In the Salon Lenné (first floor) we offer you information and exchange – about Tolkien, the association and also us. You can take part in our popular quiz with nice prizes, get a short introduction to mead brewing, get instructions for a knitted Gandalf/dragon or just relax.

More information about the club, publications and events can be found under the weblinks.


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