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11. August 2023
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7. March 2024
MagicCon 7 | Specials | Artshow

MagicCon 7 | Specials | Artshow

Dear artists, craftsmen and art lovers!

Be part of the Artshow at MagicCon!

Here is some information.

Exhibit your own works at the con, collect feedback and inspiration or simply enjoy the creativity of others. You don’t have to be a professional to take part! It’s about the joy of creating, not perfection – so dare! Take paint, pencil, plaster, brush, feather, wood, glue, yarn, fabric, pearls and whatever else you need for your creative output and get to work – I’m looking forward to every registration!

Please send your Registration by mail with the subject “MagicCon 7 – Artshow” with the following information to

  • Your full name (+ possibly nickname)
  • Title of your work
  • Category you want to participate in
  • Short description of the work (materials used, size, etc.)
  • Photo of the exhibit

The following Categories are available:

  • Pictures Film
  • Pictures book
  • Models
  • Handicrafts*

Also this year up to 3 registrations per artist are possible.

Registration deadline is 02.10.2024.

I wish everyone a creative time until the con and look forward to your – hopefully numerous and great – submissions!

Your Sabine

*) A model is a small model of something, a figure or a scene etc.. In contrast, “handicrafts” includes all kinds of handicrafts like mosaics, bookmarks, embroidered bags, silk painting, etc.

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