Die Geisterakten
15. April 2022

MagicCon 5 | Specials | Video Contest | präsentiert von Frank Hettler

The video contest is back at MagicCon 5 – presented by Frank Hettler

After a longer creative break, it’s “FILM DOWN!” again for your funny, creative and imaginative video clips. After many long Corona days, you are surely bursting with ideas that are just waiting to be captured on a USB stick.

The prerequisite for participation is that you create the video clip yourself and do not simply copy it from the Internet. Also, the content of your clip should have something to do with MagicCon and its numerous fandoms, no matter if you are acting with friends, creating a cartoon or stop-motion movie or just editing a music video. Optimal would be an approximate playing time of about 3. minutes per video, to be able to show as many video clips as possible, and it should be recorded in a common format like MP4 or similar.

Please send your finished clips by mail or e-mail directly to me by 20.09.2022 at the latest.

Frank Hettler, Igelstr.9, 65719 Wallau
E-Mail: Frankfhe@aol.com

Submitted media will of course be returned to you upon request, either by mail or on site at the MagicCon 7.

The most popular videos will again be awarded with a small trophy.


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