MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Die Magie der Steinblüte
Die Magie der Steinblüte
15. January 2019
MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Die In-Between-Trilogie
Die In-Between-Trilogie
30. January 2019
MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Meister der Erinnerung

MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Meister der Erinnerung

Reading by Ulf Fildebrandt from his new novel “Meister der Erinnerung”
(Master of Memory, published by Lysandra Books Verlag)

“Memories are magic. Memories give the wizards of the world Isdra more power than any weapon or machine. But the Order of Tall Zadorn abuses this power to awaken the shadows of the past.

The only ones powerful enough to rise up against the Prince of Tall Zadorn are the brothers Nayel and Daryen Holrit. With their forces they fight against the servants of the Dark Lord.

At the same time, Jad’her is a pickpocket in Makhadeva and is drawn into the battles. He flees and sets off in search of the Creator’s Word, a power that can change the world. Together with his companions he learns more about the magic of memories to stop the Dark Lord himself”.

In this reading, Ulf Fildebrandt presents his latest novel, enriched with illustrations from the “Weltenkreis” universe in which the story is set.

MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Meister der Erinnerung - Buchcover

MagicCon 3 | Vortrag | Meister der Erinnerung – Buchcover

Lecturer: Ulf Fildebrandt
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Ulf Fildebrandt works as a software architect and therefore moved from Northern Germany to Southern Germany near Heidelberg. He has been earning his money with it for twenty years now and has already visited several countries such as the USA, India, Israel and Bulgaria as part of his work.

However, he has been involved with science fiction and fantasy since his earliest youth. This passion inevitably led him to write short stories, non-fiction books and novels.

In 2014 his debut novel "Dunkelwärts" was published, which is more science fiction. In addition, many short stories have appeared in the c't, Perry Rhodan (Stellaris) and Exodus.

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