MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Weltenbau: Fantasy-Settings
Weltenbau: Fantasy-Settings
13. September 2018
MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Medi-Cosplay Do's & Don'ts
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18. September 2018
MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Magie für Fantasy-Geschichten

MagicCon 3 | Workshop | Magie für Fantasy-Geschichten

Magic – the cornerstone of every fantasy world.

  • Does the work of magic require years of study or a blood sacrifice?
  • Can magic transform a forest into a lava lake, or can it merely replace the light of a lantern?
  • A rhyme, a rune throw, a dance in the moonlight or the blood of a victim – how do you unleash the arcane powers?
  • If there are magic swords – does the lunch table cover itself?

The magic concept plays a decisive role in the design of a fantasy world. Bernhard Hennen presents some possibilities before the participants in working groups develop magic systems for different kinds of fantasy stories. Anyone who brings writing materials and a good mood can take part. The participation fee is included in the admission fee to MagicCon 7.

And here you can register for the workshop Magie für Fantasy-Geschichten.

Workshop leader: Bernhard Hennen
Max. attendance: 50  -  Pre-registration at: see above
Fee: Free  -  Duration: 90 min
The Workshop will be held in: german  -  Material to be brought: A pencil and plenty of good humour
Bernhard Hennen, born 1966, studied German, History and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. As a journalist, he travelled the Orient and Central America before devoting himself entirely to writing fantastic novels. More than 35 novels have been published. With his Elfen-Saga he stormed all bestseller lists and wrote himself to the top of the German fantasy authors. His books have since been published in ten countries and sold more than five million copies.

The beginning of this writing career looked completely different: At times Bernhard had to take every job he could to make ends meet for himself and his family - among other things he worked as an show fighter at medieval markets and as Santa Claus. An arsenal of swords from this period has to share the place in his house with an overflowing collection of tin figures. From time to time he uses these miniature armies to indulge in his hobby at tabletop events.

Bernhard lives with his family in Krefeld.

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