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15. January 2020
Tolkien film – what is true?
23. January 2020

MagicCon 4 | Vortrag | Amazons HDR-Serie - ein Status | by Tobias M. Eckrick

The Lord of the Rings series… it’s coming, it’s as sure as the morning sunrise over Middle-earth. In the meantime, a second season has already been commissioned. First roles are supposed to have been assigned and some of them are supposed to be a story, but again, the cast has already been reassigned. But where did it all start, what information is certain and how could the journey continue?

In his usual entertaining lecture Tobias M. Eckrich will pursue these and other questions at MagicCon 7. First of all, all “facts” will be collected and the truth content will be checked. The news pages also have their own section in this lecture, because they play a significant role in the hype. Just like Amazon’s “symbolism” behind the whole thing. And maybe there will be more news or even an official cast to discuss until MagicCon 7.

Lecturer: Tobias M. Eckrich
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Since 2011 Tobias M. Eckrich is the first chairman of the German Tolkien Society and a passionate Tolkienist. He has already given numerous lectures at RingCon, HobbitCon and MagicCon, the Tolkien Thing and various Tolkien Days on various topics concerning Tolkien and his works.

He is also represented internationally at Tolkien events, such as the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands, the Middle Earth Festival in Austria and Tolkien2019 in Great Britain. Tobias' program points are always characterized by a critical view and at least a wink, because the fun should not be missed out!

Sources & additional links for Amazons LOTR series – a status:

Website Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft


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