Dumbledore & Grindelwald …?
11. June 2024
Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix
14. June 2024
Dumbledore & Grindelwald …?
11. June 2024
Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix
14. June 2024

MagicCon 7 | Vortrag | Der Sohn des Orkschamanen (Lesung)

Der Sohn des Orkschamanen (The son of the orc shaman); The darkly humorous fantasy novel

“Most people want to be someone without becoming someone …”

Because how Sharshuk would love to be a really cruel, smelly orc!

But he is out of his element.

His lilac-scented fur drives the orc girls away and his father despairs over this wayward son, who is far too soft-hearted to become a real black-fur.

Until his village receives an uninvited visitor: A troop of heroes causes bloody chaos.

Only Sharshuk survives – can he defeat the powerful party of elves, dwarves, mages and warriors on his own?

An orc tribe also has a culture, and it is not unlike that of primitive peoples. In every thing lives a Tooru, a nature spirit, with whom a shaman can speak – especially in his ritual objects such as drum and bone club.

Accompany the young Sharshuk on his mission to capture the shaman’s ogre. And get to know the elf who leads a troop of heroes into the orc kingdom to take down the evil orc wizard.

In this reading, you will dive into the world of orcs and shamanism with author Lew Marschall in a humorous and entertaining way.

Lecturer: Lew Marschall
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german

Lew Marschall writes novels for role-players, gamers and fantasy enthusiasts.

He has been playing role-playing games for over twenty years, both with dice and at the keyboard.

In his stories, he combines his experiences as a player, game master and experienced author.

Lew's latest LitRPG series follows Lena, a strong biochemist from Munich, who is taken into a VR MMORPG as a non-player character. The first novel in the series is ideal for newcomers to the exciting LitRPG genre.

Lew lives with his family, two author cats and a dog in the beautiful Allgäu region. He welcomes every visit to his stand for a chat or a signature.

Ask Lew about the famous book holders.

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