Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix

MagicCon 6 | Vortrag | Der Fluch des schwarzen Phönix (Lesung) | Lew Marschall

The ultimate reading for gamers: combine two hobbies – reading and gaming – with LitRPG

Lena, a talented young biochemist, becomes the victim of a mugging after her Oktoberfest visit. Instead of waking up in the hospital, she finds herself as an NPC in a computer game, without access to the menus or the ability to log out.

Now, as a stable maid in a fascinating fantasy world, she must breed new companions for heroes: Rats, unicorns and raptors. Yet Lena already hates cleaning the litter box at friends’ houses.

Looking for a way out, she discovers weaknesses in the game, levels up her character, and learns unique skills. However, when she kills a player, she comes into possession of a mysterious artifact that reveals the true nature of the game and earns her a dangerous enemy.

Will Lena be able to outwit the game as an NPC and escape her virtual prison? Discover in this gripping LitRPG novel that will delight gamers and fantasy readers alike!

Explore the LitRPG genre in this exciting read with log issues, level-ups, intrigue, and battles.

Lecturer: Lew Marschall
Duration: 60 min  -  The Lecture will be held in: german
Lew Marschall wraps the transformation of his protagonists in LitRPG, Gamelit, fantasy or science fiction novels. The reader dives with the heroes into exciting topics such as quantum mechanics, genetics and shamanism.

The hero, the heroine! For you, they steer towards their goal against the greatest obstacles. Only to give you pleasurable hours, heat you up with suspense and make you anxious for the resolution.

Lew's stories offer just that - heroes who never give up striving for their goal. Plus a dash of humor, a smattering of philosophy, and an extreme amount of suspense!

Lew Marschall is known from the Allgäuer Literaturfestival, MagicCon, BuCon, Liberatisbona, AniMuc and other conventions.

Lew was born in 1981 and currently lives in Bavaria with his wife, daughters, cat and dog.

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