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14. October 2017
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MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Trailer und Lesung zu Hatar Stygan by Uschi Zietsch

MagicCon 2 | Vortrag | Trailer und Lesung zu Hatar Stygan by Uschi Zietsch

Trailer and reading by fantasy author Uschi Zietsch on the premiere of Hatar Stygan – Der dunkle Hass (Die Chroniken von Waldsee 6) on MagicCon. The Chronicles of Waldsee have inspired fantasy lovers for more than a decade. Six-digit sales were achieved in print, audio and eBook. The Chronicles are part of the “Träumenden Universums“ (Dreaming Universe) and so far consisted of a prehistory, a trilogy, two volumes and a short story.

With volume 6, the stories of the magical ancient world with its diverse peoples and beings find a furious finale, in which the threads of former secrets are reopened and interwoven. The circle closes: A distress call from the legendary empire of Ishgalad, which has long been completely isolated from other countries, reaches the Guardian of Waldsee – the dragon rider and sorcerer with divine roots, Halrid Falkon. A great danger grows in Ishgalad and Halrid Falkon’s dark past catches up with him….

Uschi Zietsch is a writer, publisher, editor, travel photographer and gives writing seminars. Since her first publication in 1986 with the fantasy novel Sternwolke und Eiszauber (released by Heyne), she has published continuously in various genres, in hardcover, softcover and magazine series such as Perry Rhodan. Since then she has written almost 300 fantasy, science fiction, children's books, detective novels, TV novels and short stories. Her main work includes the Chroniken von Waldsee and the 35 volumes of the series Elfenzeit and Schattenlord, which she conceived and directed for the Bertelsmann Book Club as chief author, as well as almost half of the novels she wrote. In 2017 Uschi Zietsch received the „Deutscher Fantasy Preis“ (= German Fantasy Award).

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